Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a minimum order value?

No, we do not have a minimum order value.

Are your products genetically modified?

No!  None are genetically modified or have been derived from the genetically modified parent material.

  • In our country  GMOs are completely banned !!!

What countries do you obtain your seeds from?

Our seeds are from all over the world. Most vegetables and spices are grown in our ( Home ) BIO Garden in Serbia. We produce, buy, and trade seeds.

How are the products packed?

We send seeds in zip bags- This provides that customs can see what is inside.

Do you test your seeds?

We test all seeds for germination before packing. If seeds don’t germinate- we don’t sell them!

Is OroSeeds.com a registered company?

We are registered, we are hobby producers. We have no profit from sales.

Are your seeds Organic, OP, Hybrid, or Treated?

Our seeds are from many different sources but we do not have our organic certification so we cannot sell seeds as organic- even when they are organic. We have untreated and treated seeds, suitable for organic production.

Do you take phone orders? How I can place my order?

We do not currently take phone orders, along with online orders we also accept mail orders.

What do I do if I ordered the wrong product?

We can only accept seed returns as a result of incorrect ordering. Notify us immediately if you are returning your package. Products must be in our unopened sealed packets as supplied. All returns will be subject to a handling charge.

I accidentally put the wrong shipping address, what can I do?

If your order has not shipped contact us immediately. If your order has already shipped, we can only reship orders to changed shipping addresses once the original shipment has been returned to us in full. All returns will be subject to a handling charge.

What do I do if there was something wrong with my order received?

If you are missing a packet, received the wrong packet, or got an empty packet, just give us an email and we will get the correct packet out to you.

We do not accept any claims after the seeds have been tampered with, planted, badly transported, stored, or treated.

If there is a problem with placing an order online please contact us by email

* We are not responsible for customs duties, and additional costs in your country. We  provide phytosanitary certificates. All deliveries are exclusively at the customer’s risk.

  • The phytosanitary certificate is made at our customs and left on the shipment, so we do not have a copy nor can we send it later. If the customs of a specific country requires additional documentation for import from the buyer, we do not prepare it, but the buyer. Some countries require from the recipient a phytosanitary certificate made in their country and it is provided by the recipient and it is made at the recipient’s customs.

* We send orders within 3-12 working days depending on the situation!

All our shipments go to our customs first so we cannot guarantee the time of shipment and delivery. The tracking link is valid when the shipment leaves our customs.

Shipping time depends on buyer’s location. International buyers are responsible for checking with their local customs office to see what is, and is not permitted to be shipped to their area. We are not responsible, and cannot refund seeds that are confiscated, destroyed, or returned by customs. You are also responsible for all taxes or customs your country may levy.

If your shipment is returned, we will refund the amount for the items while the amount for postage in both directions is paid by you.

NOTE: All relevant notifications will be added on the home page

Expected Delivery Time for the standard post ( in the regular situation )

*Europe: 5-16 working days ( Shipping for Germany and Slovenia 1x in a month from some EU country )

*USA: 7-24 working days ( Tracking for standard shipping not possible when packet left Europe, arrives in the destination country)

*Canada, Asia, Australia: 9-22 working days (Tracking for standard shipping not possible when packet left Europe, arrive in the destination country)  )

*South and Central America, Africa: 20-40 working days ( Tracking for standard shipping not possible when packet left Europe, arrive in the destination country) )

During a state of emergency, delivery can take up to 2-3 months!

  • Please contact us if you do not receive the shipment in the expected time *

EMS / Fast shipping fixed on 30 $: 3-9 working days depending on the country.

Please, if you need fast delivery, choose the EMS option because we cannot guarantee the speed of delivery by standard mail!

NOTE: All relevant notifications will be added to the home page

Method of payment:

PayPal-no fees, Bank transfer, Western Union, Money gram, Credit Card- no fees ( Thru PayPal-you doesn’t need an account ). In cash – with a registered letter.