Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a minimum order value?

No, we do not have a minimum order value.

Are your products genetically modified?

No. Although some of our products are produced using the latest breeding techniques, none are genetically modified or have been derived from the genetically modified parent material.

  • Serbia is among the few countries where GMOs are completely banned !!!

What countries do you obtain your seeds from?

Our seeds are from all over the world. Most vegetables and spices are grown in our ( Home ) BIO Garden in Serbia. We produce, buy, and trade seeds.

How are the products packed?

Some of the seed is supplied in hermetically sealed foil packets, plastic packs, zip bags, or paper bags depending upon the product and its particular storage requirements. For sowing instructions please see the text below a description of the item. We send seeds outside our country in ordinary zip bags, without a pro forma invoice and marked on the declaration as a gift, seeds for jewelry, etc. This way of sending is safe because it passes customs without problems and without additional costs.

Do you test your seeds?

We test all seeds for germination before packing. If seeds don’t germinate- we don’t sell them!

Is OroSeeds a registered company?

Yes, we are registered

Are your seeds Organic, OP, Hybrid, Treated?

Our seeds are from many different sources but we do not have our organic certification so we cannot sell seed as organic- even when they are organic. We have untreated and treated seeds,  seeds are open-pollinated seeds some of them are not. We sell Hybrid (F1) varieties too. All necessary information is within the description of the item.

Do you take phone orders? How I can place my order?

We do not currently take phone orders, but along with online orders we also accept mail orders( oroseed@gmail.com )

What do I do if I ordered the wrong product?

We can only accept seed returns as a result of incorrect ordering. Notify us immediately if you are returning your package. Products must be in our unopened sealed packets as supplied. All returns will be subject to a handling charge.

I accidentally put the wrong shipping address, what can I do?

If your order has not shipped contact us immediately at oroseed@gmail.com. If your order has already shipped, we can only reship orders to changed shipping addresses once the original shipment has been returned to us in full. All returns will be subject to a handling charge.

What do I do if there was something wrong with my order received?

If you are missing a packet, received the wrong packet, or got an empty packet, just give us an email at oroseed@gmail.com and we will get the correct packet out to you.

We not accept any claims after the seeds have been tampered with, planted, badly transported, stored, or treated.

If there is a problem with placing an order online please contact us at email:oroseed@gmail.com

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