Chrysanthemum L. / Leucanthemum vulgare


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Field Daisy, Marguerite, Ox-Eye Daisy


Attractive grassland perennial and our largest native member of the daisy family. It has a medium-tall un-branched stem topped by a solitary composite flower of white rays (petals) surrounding a yellow disc floret. Once you become familiar with them the basal leaves of Ox-eye daisy are quite distinctive with their toothed spoon shape and long leaf stalks. The rosettes are winter-green. Flowers from May to September.

Sow seed into a well-prepared bed in autumn or spring and thin the seedlings as they grow on. Alternatively, sow under glass in seed trays, and gradually harden off the plants before planting outside after all risk of frost has passed. Once established, divide over-congested clumps in autumn or spring. Sow: March-May or September-October

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