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Cucurbita maxima, vs Kentucky aquash

Native American Heirloom, old over 5000 years ( known as  “800-year-old squash,”),105-115 days.  Its name translates to “cool old squash” in the Anishinaabe language. Delicious, sweet-fleshed squash was lovingly saved and passed down within the Miami Nation of Indiana. Extra large, thin-skinned squash, the magnificent fruit runs about 2-3 feet long and weighs up to 18 pounds, and has a wonderfully smooth texture. The color is a rich, bright orange, with lighter orange striping running the length of the banana-shaped fruit. The surface is mildly bumpy; the overall appearance is amazingly beautiful.


Sowing: Pumpkins are best established directly outdoors in the summer. Be sure to select a large enough area for the plants to grow and vine outwards. Remove all unwanted plant life from your sowing area, turn the dirt, or replace the dirt with fresh soil. Create mounds of dirt or “hills” roughly 18 to 24 inches wide and at least 8 inches high. Sow 4 seeds per mound at a depth of 1 inch under the topsoil. Seeds will begin to sprout open in roughly 7 to 14 days after sowing. The plants will grow to a mature height of 1 to 2 feet tall and 8 to 10 feet long. These plants will need a large area to grow outwards and can be spaced by hills or mounds of dirt, rather than rows. Space each mound at least 6 feet apart from one another. When sprouts become visible, direct the vines outwards towards areas that do not contain other plant life. Pumpkins enjoy the heat of summer and will thrive in temperatures that are above 75F. The soil should be rich in organic matter, but will also need to be well-drained. To improve drainage, it is recommended to add a light compost to any hard, compacted soil in the sowing area. This will prevent the roots from rotting. Water the seeds daily with a mild setting so that the seeds and seedlings are kept moist until germination occurs.

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