Solanum uporo Cannibal’s Tomato


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Family: Solanaceae
Genus: Solanum
Species: Integrifolium, Solanum aethiopicum, Scarlet Eggplant, Mock Tomato, Japanese Golden Eggs

This is not the Pumpkin on a Stick variety!

Heirloom variety from Africa. Annual/perennial shrubs up to 70-80cm. The leaves are edible and are more nutritious than the fruits. The fruits can be eaten raw or cooked but can be very bitter. It prefers to grow in full sun with average water needs. Zones 10-11

Sow seeds 6mm deep indoors 8-12 weeks before the planting date. Sow direct or grow in trays of a good seed-raising mix and transplant when 6-7cm tall. Soil pH 5.1-8.5. Plant outdoors when daytime temperatures are at least 65F / 18°C degrees and nighttime temps are above 50F/ 10°C. Plant / Row space: 60-75cm. Days To Maturity 60–65. Regular harvesting increases the production of fruit. Feed with a soluble fertilizer every two weeks for stronger plants.

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