Rumex acetosa / Sorrel Red Veined




Family: Polygonaceae
Genus: Rumex
Species: Scutatus
Cultivar: RED VEINED


A unique variety of sorrel featuring bright green leaves containing prominent maroon-colored veins and stems. Harvest young leaves from established plants and use fresh ones for the best flavor – in 55 days. The tangy citrus flavor fades as older leaves become bitter, so harvest often to keep new growth coming. Cut back flower stalks to promote new growth. Ideal to grow as a cool-season annual as the young leaves have the best flavor. Well known for its use in soup, it is also great with fish and vegetables. With its strong yet agreeable flavor, it makes a great secret ingredient to add depth of flavor to salads.

Sow sorrel seeds indoors in winter or in early spring, with a depth of 1.2cm, and germination takes about 2-8 weeks. Soil: well-drained soil rich in organic material. Preferred soil pH 5.5-6.8. Space plants 12 to 15 inches apart and water generously, sorrel does well in a container. The plant grows best in full sun, but a partially shaded environment helps them deal with the heat.

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0.2gr / 200+ seeds


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