Pole Bean Black Nightfall




Phaseolus vulgaris



Semi-Runner/Dry. Viney plants can be grown on the ground like a bush bean, but would probably benefit from growing on some support. Very productive. 100 days

Beans should be planted when the soil is warm in the spring.

Bush beans should be planted about 2″ deep, about 4″ apart in rows.

Pole beans need the support of a trellis at least 6′ high.  It can be a fence, strings, a net, pole tipis.  If using a pole, plant 4-6 beans around the leg of each pole.  On a trellis?  About every 4″ down the row.

When using the beans as snap beans, be sure you harvest as soon as the first beans are plump but before the seed bulges the pods.

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20 seeds


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