Physalis acutifolia / Sharpleaf Groundcherry




Heirloom, Open-pollinated
Order: Solanales
Family: Solanaceae
Genus: Physalis L. – groundcherry
Species: Physalis acutifolia


The flowers droop down to face the ground and are flat, disk-like, up 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide, and have 5 lobes, 5 stamens, 5 raised, hairy pads, and a central ring of yellow. The flowers are followed by round, green to yellowish berries that are each enclosed in an inflated, ribbed, pendent, paper lantern-like calyx. The leaves are green, alternate, minutely hairy, deeply and irregularly toothed, and lance-shaped to egg-shaped. The stems are branched, hairy, and green in color.Like its close relative Tomatillo (Physalis philadelphica), the fruit is edible either cooked or raw.

Sow Depth: 0.2-0.5cm / Keep soil moist until emergence.

Row Spacing: 10cm

Plant Spacing: 40-60cm

Germination: 10-20 days

Days To Maturity: 75-80


HARVEST: When fruits are golden and tan husks open. Colder tolerant than tomatoes; bears until heavy frost.

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20 seeds


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