Onion Shallot Zebrune




Banana Shallot

Well-known French heirloom shallot is sometimes referred to as an escalation or banana shallot. Zebrune produces a good yield of ‘easy to slice’ bulbs. They have an excellent eating quality with a mild and sweet flavor. The sweetness improves in storage, so they keep getting better. Delicious when used either raw in salads or cooked with good-sized bulbs useful for storing. 90 days to maturity.

240-360 seeds per gram. Germinates 5-30°C. Sow March-April for a Spring crop, overwintering type July-August, pickling type mid-February-March. Seed rate 15-20kg per hectare, at a population of 65-70 per meter row length.
Bulbing onions: A popular crop – long storage lives make for good continuity of supply. Also popular for plant sales and competition growing. Germinates between 5 and 30°C, sowing date mid-February-March. Requires fertile soil in a well-drained location in the garden. Shallots are very close to garlic and are very easy to grow. Plants can grow 8 to 12″ tall.

Requires fertile soil in a well-drained location in the garden. Keep seedlings and transplants consistently moist, but not waterlogged. Keep free from weeds

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0.5gr / approx 150 -+ seeds


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