Onion Ishikura




Allium fistulosum, Scallions, Bunching onion, Spring Onion, Japanese Bunching Onion


A wonderful type of salad onion that does not bulb but forms long white stalks. Most of the plant can be eaten with very little waste. Quick to mature, they are long-lasting and can be left to make larger stems without losing their flavor. Will do best on well-dug, manured soil in a sunny position.

Sow in Autumn or Late Winter to Spring. Seeds can be sown into pots, or directly in the garden or vegetable bed.
Sow in September to October or in February under cloches or in a cold frame, or sow directly outdoors in March to April. Direct sown seeds should be sown in drills 12mm (½in) deep and 30cm (1ft) apart. The seed germinates over a wide range of temperatures, anything from 10 to 35°C (50 to 95°F), and is faster at higher temperatures.
Thin the seedlings to 6 to 9in (15 to 23cm) spacings and remove leaves as required. Thinnings may be eaten on salads. Seedlings raised under glass should be transplanted from April. The roots must fall vertically in the planting hole and the base should be about 12mm (½ in) below the surface. Plant firmly.

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0.5gr / 200-+ seeds


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