Onion Bianca di Maggio




An Italian classic, this white cipollini onion has a well-balanced flavor suited to any variation of pickling, roasting, or grilling. Enjoy them fresh since they don’t hold up for long-term storage. Intermediate day. characterized by their crystalline white color, succulent flesh, and crunchiness. These onions are quite sweet and particularly good with meat or fish because it enhances their flavor without overpowering it. Although ideal for making soups, stews, and minestrones, these onions are also used fresh in salads, with boiled potatoes, carrots, or cucumbers.

Sow maincrop onions March-April outdoors, and thin early. For very large onions sow December-early January and transplant seedlings in spring. To store – lift and allow to dry in full sun, and hang in ropes in cool airy conditions. (24 weeks maturity.)

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3gr / 750+- seeds


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