Okra Abigail’s Coffee


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Abelmoschus esculentus

A very rare species of okra that originates from Panama.
The fruit is used fresh or processed, while a refreshing beverage similar to coffee is made from dry ground seeds – in my opinion, it is tastier than coffee. The plant reaches 80 cm in height, blooms from late spring to late autumn, and the flower is a large cream color. It can be kept as an annual or perennial species.

Okra is a shrubby, branched plant. The flowers last only one day, as does the hibiscus flower, which belongs to the same Malvaceae family. The fruit is used in all possible ways: Fresh, processed, dried, and frozen – it can stand in the freezer for 1 year without losing its properties.
It is a thermophilic plant and is sown in April and May. Young fruits are used in okra. The plant requires a lot of water and must be watered regularly.


Reproduction: By seed
Pre-treatment: Soak in water for 2-4h
Sowing: During April-May directly in the garden at about 3-5cm
Germination: Temperature above 18°C, germinate 1-3 weeks
Location: Direct light
Care: The plant has a shallow root, so regular watering is necessary
Hardiness zone: 1°C

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