Amsoi Red Giant




Brassica juncea, mustard

Heirloom from Asia, and is one of the main ingredients of Asian cuisine, while it is little known in our country. The leaf is used fresh or processed. The seeds are used to prepare mustard, the leaf is used as a salad, for cooking and as an addition to dishes – it has a strong, sharp spicy taste, and it is also kept as an ornamental plant due to its decorative leaves. From germination to the first harvest, 40 days pass, and the harvest is done several times.

An annual plant, up to 120 cm tall, with yellow flowers. It has a strong root system with numerous root hairs that contribute to drought resistance. With premature sowing, the plant quickly enters the flowering phase. It is grown for its young leaves with a sharp smell, which is used raw in salads. It is a winter plant that is very sensitive to high temperatures. It flowers from May to June, the seeds are white, brown, or black, depending on the species, and only release their fragrance when they are ground and mixed with liquid. Sow in spring for seed or every three weeks for foliage. It can be grown indoors in the ground or on moist paper, germinates after 2-3 days, and can be used for sprouts that have a slightly spicy taste. The seeds are also used as a spice, most often for the preparation of mustard. The plant can also be grown for nematode repellence, green manure, and soil improvement.

The seeds are sown throughout the year, in the ground at a depth of 1-2 cm, while in home conditions they can be sown on a moist substrate on the surface.

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0.5gr / approx 250+- seeds


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