Melothria pendula




Genus: Melothria
Species: Pendula
Synonym: Melothria pendula var. pendula

Heirloom from Argentina. Fast-growing vine with small, ivy-like leaves and curly tendrils, A perennial, dainty vine in the pumpkin family with slender, creeping or climbing shoots, lobed leaves, and tiny yellow flowers that are followed by cute little fruits, about the size of an olive and black at maturity. The weedy vines will ramble across the soil like a groundcover, or quickly climb upward on a trellis, fence, shrub, or tree. The plants are frost-tender and need warm soil and temperatures to prosper. About 55 to 60 days after sowing seeds, the little immature green fruits are ready to harvest. Only eat the fruits when they are light to deep green when you see mottled spots of silver-white. They taste like tart cucumbers. Avoid eating fruits that have ripened to show any black skin. Consuming the mature seeds in these black-skinned fruits will cause diarrhea.

Sow the seeds inside in a seed tray in April or May. Transplant the seedlings outside after the last frost. Grow on as you would with normal cucumbers. Feed and water well when the fruits are set.


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10 seeds


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