Melon Sucrin De Tours




Cucumis melo,
Open Pollinated-OP


The Sucrin de Tours melon is an ancient variety of the cantaloupe melon type, easy to grow, half-early and with abundant production. The flesh of the Sucrin de Tours melon is orange-red, thick, firm, sweet and of excellent quality.

Sowing: February to June
Sow seed on edge to prevent rotting 1.5cm (1/2″”) deep in individual 9cm(3 1/2in) pots under glass at a constant day and night temperature of 21°C. When the plants are about 10cm (4″”) tall, plant out into final positions into large pots or growbags underglass. Provide some form of support and tie in stems as required. Hand pollination will be required , remove male flowers after they have been used.

Melons require training, once the main stem reaches 60cm (24″), pinch out the growing tip to encourage side laterals to grow. Select the four strongest laterals then pinch these out once they have produced 3 more leaves to encourage more side breaks. These side breaks should be pinched out after 2 leaves, then allow a further side break to grow and pinch out after 1 leaf.

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