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Special selection that has been bred for the past 20+ years in New Mexico to adapt to North American latitudes !


An open-pollinated, all-purpose darkest colored flour corn. This ancient corn is excellent as both a flour corn or picked young, as a flavorful sweet corn. It is also used in South America to brew a special and highly revered drink known as chicha morado, used like barley malt for brewing a corn beer of the same name. Morado was also cultivated as medicine by the Native People of Peru. has proven to be a powerful natural antioxidant due to the Anthocyanin pigments. Anthocyanin pigments are also responsible for keeping blood pressure and cholesterol in normal range.

Sow Depth: 2-3cm

Row Spacing: 80-90cm

Plant Spacing: 15cm

Germination: 3-12

Days To Maturity: 100


GROWING TIPS: Corn needs hot weather, plenty of time to ripen, and plenty of room to grow. Corn is a heavy feeder that is particularly responsive to organic compost and sweet soil (pH 6.0 to 6.8) and requires regular watering for good ear production and taste. Do not plant corn until soil temperature is 60 degrees. Provide a sunny location. Plant seeds 1″ deep and 4″ – 6″ apart. I usually plant a little closer together and thin out the weakest so that I have them 12″ apart, hilling up the strongest. You can grow in rows or you can grow in short blocks, rather than long rows, and still achieve pollination, or you can pollinate by hand. Please note that you must separate (by at least 100 feet) or stagger plantings (to make sure their maturity days are at least 7 days apart) different varieties and types of corn since they will cross pollinate. Corn needs regular watering – an inch a week, but never water the upper stalks after they tassle – it washes away the pollen! And regular feeding – especially nitrogen and phosphorous.

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