Leek Blue Solaise




Allium ampeloprasum


Blue Solais is a traditional French variety ( from the 19th-century ) with deep blue-purple leaves. It hosts a superb flavor and is very hardy. Very large 15-20″ stalks are sweet and flavorful. Extremely hardy, good for short-season areas and winter harvest. Leeks are in the ground for quite a long time and do take a fair amount of work, but they really are worth all that effort; so it’s not surprising they will be found on almost every vegetable plot. 100-120 days.

Sow seeds indoors ¼” deep and space 1″ in all directions 4-6 before the last frost. Transplant as soon as soil can be worked in spring. Hill or mound soil around stems several times to blanch as leeks grow.

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0.5gr / approx 200+ seeds


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