Laurus Nobilis




It is a native of the Mediterranean region and isn’t hardy in the North. Its shiny, dark green, fragrant leaves were once twined into wreaths by the ancient Romans and Greeks and were used to crown the champions in their sports and wars. The Bay is a fairly slow-growing, evergreen tree that is often grown as a shrub; it is commonly called Bay, Bay Laurel, and Sweet Laurel.

Sowing: The seeds require a cold period to break the dormancy that is naturally found within them, this is easily achieved by placing the prepared bag of seeds and compost mix in the fridge (4 Celsius or 39F) for between 6 and 9 weeks. It is quite possible for the seeds to germinate in the bag at these temperatures when they are ready to do so, if they do, just remove them from the bag and carefully plant them up. When the period of pre-treatment has finished the seed should be ready to be planted. Small quantities can be sown in pots filled with good quality compost and cover with a thin layer of compost no more than 1cm (half an inch) deep. For larger quantities, it is easiest to sow the seeds in a well-prepared seedbed outdoors once the cold pretreatment has finished and wait for the seedlings to appear.

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