Kedrostis Leloja




Family: Cucurbitaceae
Genus: Cedrostis
Species: Leloja

Native to Africa. Long vines grow from the caudex and can reach several feet in a season. The funny caudex looks much like an elephant’s foot. A vine grows very fast, so it needs support. It can be stored as an annual plant in the garden or as a perennial, houseplant in a pot – thanks to the caudex that forms very quickly, in 8 months with a diameter of 10 cm. It looks very decorative. The fruit is used while it is young – like green peppers. Processed, cooked or fried.


Reproduction: By seed

Pre-treatment: No.

Sowing: In the spring or during the summer, directly in the garden / or pot at a depth of about 2-5 cm. Or by germination in a handkerchief, as soon as the germination is transferred to the garden.

Germination: Temperature above 18 C, germinates in 3-15 days

Location: Requires light and moderate humidity.

Care: The plant has a shallow root, so regular watering is necessary.

Resistance zone: –

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15 seeds


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