Jaltomata ventricosa / Sogorome




A rare, herbaceous, perennial shrub to about 1 m tall with simple leaves and whitish, star-shaped flowers with a bulbous purple base. Their nectar is an unusual bright red. The fruits are sweet, edible, orange berries reminiscent of both Physalis and cherry tomatoes.Jaltomata is a fascinating and little known genus closely related to Solanum and shares many of its features. It also has numerous aspects of Physalis. Jaltomata ventricosa is know only from a single region in northwestern Peru, where it grows between 2500 and 3000 m elevation on rocky slopes.In cultivaton it is best adapted to warm temperate climates but can also be grown as an annual for its fruits.


Sow Depth: 0.2-0.5cm / Keep soil moist until emergence.

Row Spacing: 10cm

Plant Spacing: 40-60cm

Germination: 15-30 days

Days To Maturity: 75-80

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10 seeds


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