Cauliflower Autumn Giant




Cauliflower Autumn Giant 4 produces large, white and dense heads that are surrounded by large greyish green leaves with large veins. This variety can witstand cold very well and can even tolerate some moderate frosts.

Sowing: April to June (Spring to Mid-summer) outdoors.

Where to sow

Early sowing under glass in trays or modules at 16 °C. Later sowings in a seed bed in shallow drill 1.5cm (½ “) deep 20cm (8”) between rows.

What to do next

Glasshouse sowings should be pricked off into trays 5cm (2″) apart as soon as large enough to handle. Thin modules to one seedling per pot/module. Thin outdoor sowings to10cm (4″) apart. Harden off before planting out from mid-May onwards spaced at 45cm (18″) apart when the plants are about 15cm (6″) tall.

Additional information


0.50g / approx 150 seeds


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