Garden Huckleberry




Solanum melanocerasum.

Easy to grow and fast growing plant, 75-80 days from transplant.  Huckleberry will need cooking, tasteless when raw and unsweetened, best used in mock blueberry pies and preserves. Use about 1 pound of berries to ½ cup of sugar for best flavor. Although some people do eat them when they are ripe and soft but a real culinary miracle occurs when you cook and sweeten this variety of garden huckleberries. In USA they are traditionally used to make delicious pies and jams. Good for freezing and canning

This is a member of the nightshade family, so care should be taken not to eat unripened or uncooked fruits. Do not eat fruits with any green skin showing, as they are slightly toxic.
Sowing:  seeds are started indoors around the same time as tomato seeds. Transplant out in mid-May to June.

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250 seeds


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