Gourd Penguin




Family: Cucurbitaceae
Genus: Lagenaria
Species: Siceraria

The oddly shaped decorative gourds certainly make ideal penguins, but their curved neck – which resembles a horn – is suitable for a variety of crafts, as well as great decorative value as a centerpiece or in winter arrangements. One plant should produce several dozen of fruits. To get different sizes and shapes, harvest some of the squash when they are small (the necks may be flatter) and let others reach their maximum size.

Propagation: By seed

Pre-treatment: No

Sowing: After the danger of frost has passed, direct sowing

Germination: Temperature 22-25 C, germinates in 1-2 weeks

Location: Direct light, regular watering

Resistance zone: Can’t stand minus


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10 seeds


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