Galium verum


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Yellow Bedstraw

Midsummer flowers (Galium verum) are not the only traditional wreaths made for Midsummer’s Day (July 7). Summer teas for the liver, and kidneys, and against skin diseases have been made from this plant with small yellow flowers and needle-like leaves for centuries.
According to legend, the pregnant Virgin lay down to rest on the midsummer flowers, which since then smell pleasantly of honey. This fragrance comes from essential oil, and in addition to it, the plant also contains flavonoids, anthraquinones, and iridoids.

Sowing: Indoors in February-April at a temperature above 18°C, sow the seeds in pots on the surface and just press them into the substrate. Cover with nylon or a transparent cover, and remove it when the seeds germinate. Water moderately as long as there is moisture for germination. Transplant the plants outdoors when the danger of frost has passed.


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