Cymbopogon / Lemongrass


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Family: Poaceae
Genus: Cymbopogon
Species: Citratus
Silky heads, Citronella grass,


The famous, tropical lemon-flavored herb of Thai cuisine. It has long, slender, pale green stems that are thick and fleshy. Adds a wonderful flavor to soups, curries, and stir-fry. This perennial must be grown in warm weather or inside to keep from freezing.

Sowing Lemon Grass herb seeds indoors are recommended for optimum germination rates. Sow the ornamental grass seeds on the surface of the soil and press gently into the soil. Cover Lemongrass seeds lightly with peat moss. Transplant outdoors after the plant has reached a height of 6 inches.

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0.1gr / approx 200-250 seeds


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