Cyclanthera pedata / Lady’s slipper





Fast-growing climbing plant 3-6m, and a member of the Cucurbitaceae family – the same vegetable family as squashes and cucumbers. The plants give fruit about 5-10cm long, and the huge vines yield lots of fruit. They are tasty both raw and cooked –  like sweet green peppers. Fried, or stuffed and roasted. Young fruits can be eaten raw in salads, and taste a bit like cucumber. Older fruits need to be cooked/fried.

Tender annuals, these plants are easily grown from seed in much the same way as beans – they can be sown directly into the soil once the danger of frost has passed, or started indoors in pots and later planted out. Young plants will need to be protected from slug and snail damage, but otherwise, achocha is easy to grow. Achocha won’t cross with any of the other plants in your garden, so it’s easy to save your own seed for next year.

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