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Molokhia, Molokhiya.Mouleukeyeh, Bush Okra, Jew`s Mallow, Jute Mallow, Egyptian Spinach

An heirloom to the Middle East. Nutritious and delicious edible super-green widely used in Arab, Asia, Middle-Eastern, and African Cuisines. The leaves are rich in more than 32 vitamins and minerals and are high in antioxidants. It has a powerful medicinal effect that dates back to the time of the pharaohs, today it is known as the “food of kings” and it is still one of the most widely eaten medicinal vegetables in Egypt and other parts of the world. There’s nothing comparable to homegrown Molokhia/Egyptian spinach in your own backyard. Easy to grow and care for, it thrives in heat and, makes great container plants. Make sure to keep the soil constantly moist because they do like to dry out. They are fast growers, making sure to plant in rich loamy soil, rich in organic compost. Feed with organic plant food every 2 months for a show. They must be cut over and over throughout the season, when they are not cut often they will be forced to produce flowers/stems, and the plants will die faster.

Sow seeds indoors 6 weeks before the last frost. Plant outdoors in warm, fertile, well-drained soil 2-3 weeks after the last frost. This plant grows quickly and loves heat and will get much larger if irrigated, though it is not necessary. In cooler climates, molokhia grows faster and larger with the protection of high tunnels or greenhouses.

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