Collard Vates




Heirloom, OP

Old variety from Espana,

Plant with a large amount of foliage, which forms a cabbage that is not tight but resistant to rise. This collard variety produces dark green leaves that are very delicious. Vates grows to a height of 30″ and is very slow to bolt. Leaves are used as a vegetable and replacement for cabbage. Rich in flavor, texture, and nutrition, collard greens are essential to traditional southern cooking, lending flavorful heft to stew, minestrone, and stuffing. Enjoy steamed, braised, or stir-fried.

Sow Depth: 0.5mm

Row Spacing: 40-70cm

Plant Spacing: 30cm

Germination: 5-12

Days To Maturity: 75

PREPARATION: Collards need a fertile, well-drained soil high in organic matter with a pH range of 6.0–7.5. Consistent moisture will produce the best quality leaves.

DIRECT SOW: Plant from early spring to approximately 3 months before expected fall frost. Sow 3-4 seeds every 12″, ½” deep, in rows 18–36″ apart. Thin to 1 plant per 12″. For baby leaf production, sow 30-40 seeds per foot in at ¼” deep.

EARLY SPRING CROP: Sow 2 seeds per cell at ¼” deep. Seedlings should be ready to transplant in 4-6 weeks. If possible keep soil temperature over 75°F until germination, then reduce air temperature to about 55-60°F. Transplant outdoors 12–18″ apart in rows 18–36″ apart. Collards prefer cooler growing temperatures, between 55–75°F but will produce good crops under warmer, summer conditions.

FALL CROP: Start seedlings in late spring and transplant outdoors in mid-late summer. To ensure mature heads, seed the crop early in areas where heavy freezes occur early in fall.

WINTER CROP: Successful collards crops can be grown where winters are mild and rarely get below 32°F. Transplants can be set out from September to February in these regions.

HARVEST: Beginning about 2 months after planting, harvest by clipping individual leaves. Collards are very hardy, and the eating quality will improve into the late fall with light frost. Late-summer sown or planted collards can be wintered in cold frames or hoop-houses. Protecting with row covers can extend the harvest period.


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1gr / approx 300+- seeds


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