Claytonia perfoliata / Miner’s lettuce


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Family: Asteraceae
Genus: Lactuca
Species: Sativa



Sow any time mid spring through late summer. For baby leaf: Sow 3–5 seeds/inch in rows at least 2″ apart. For the production of rosettes: Sow seeds 1/2″ apart, in rows 4–6″ apart, covering 1/4″. Thin to 4–6″ apart. Sow 4–5 seeds per 1–2″ cell container. NOTE: Claytonia does not tolerate having its roots damaged during transplanting. Thin to 2 plants per cell. In about 4–5 weeks, when roots have filled the cell, gently transplant out about 8″ apart.

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0.2gr / approx 200+- seeds


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