Chicory Witloof de Bruxelles




Excellent for forcing and easy to grow, this plant produces one of the finest and most delicious winter salad crops. Medium green in color with slightly serrated leaves for salad use.  It has more of a bitter taste to it than lettuce, but the blanching of the leaves lessens this bitterness.

The seed is sown in spring in a shallow drill and the plants thinned out to 20cm apart. The carrot-like roots are harvested in November and stored in a cool place. 3 or 4 weeks before required, bring them into a dark, warm place when the delicious, succulent shoots, “Chicons”, will be formed.

Sowing instructions:

Sow seeds indoors from April-May, or sow outdoors or sow direct June-July. It grows best in soils with a pH of 5.5-6.8. Seeds germinate best in soils around 16 to 18°C (60 to 65°F) Germination in 7 to 14 days.

Transplant seedlings at 3-4 leaf stage, spacing them 10-14 inches apart and spacing row 18-24 inches apart.

Maturity: 80 days

Growing Information

A salad vegetable with a distinct bitter flavour which can be reduced by blanching (a benefit of forcing). Can be grown as a seedling crop using less bitter young leaves.

Additional information


1gr / 600-900 +- seeds


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