Solanum melanocerum
OP Heirloom


It’s been traditionally grown for centuries and remains popular around the Chichiquelite region near Sonora Mexico where the cooked leaves are often eaten -uncooked leaves contain toxins ( originating from western Africa).The ripe dark purple/ blackberries are great fresh, cooked, or preserved. They’re often used in pies and preserves and are usually heavily sweetened. Unripe green berries contain toxins and should not be eaten. They are much like Wonderberry but are larger in size and give heavier yields. Very easy cultivation, berries are fully ripe when they turn from shiny to dull, a few weeks after first turning black.

Sowing: Sow seeds indoors before last frost  ¼” deep. Thin seedlings when 2″ tall and transplant into individual pots. Plant outdoors in rows 36″ apart.

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0.10gr / 350-+ seeds, 1gr / 3500-+ seeds


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