Canavalia Rosea




Fast-growing vine from various coastal regions of the world. Growing to over 20 feet in length, this species has thick leaves designed to lock in moisture in sub-tropical heat. The eye-catching blooms of this lovely plant are pinkish-purple make excellent ground-cover and assist with soil erosion in poor, sandy, beach terrain, taking heat, sand, and salt well. Hardy to USDA Zone 8b. The plant’s common names include Mackenzie bean, bay bean, coastal jack-bean, and seaside jack-bean. The plant’s flowers, pods, and seeds are edible, and one can incorporate them into his/her culture’s cuisine in several ways. The flowers serve as a reliable condiment while one can either cook the seeds or use them to make porridge. The seeds are a nutritious addition to the diet given they are rich in proteins. Canavalia rosea also serves as a source of many herbal remedies. Such remedies supposedly have antirheumatic, antimicrobial, diuretic and purgative attributes which make it a potent cure for several conditions. Such conditions include boils, infected wounds, and rheumatism.

The propagation of Canavalia Rosea is only possible through seeds. Sow seeds when the temperature across 20°C, depth 2-4cm.

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