Calluna vulgaris (L.) Hull




Family: Ericaceae
Genus: Calluna
Species: Vulgaris

Calluna belongs to the heather family (Ericaceae). This evergreen shrub grows up to one meter. Its branched stems are upright and lying down, and small, narrow, rounded, and bare leaves are placed on the opposite. The flowers are pink to purple, bell-shaped, gathered in a flower cluster. The fruit is a quiver. It has a pleasant smell and a spicy bitter taste. USE: Calluna is often used as a spice for dishes and for the treatment of various diseases. As a spice, heather is a little too aromatic, or too strong. It is most often used in fish and meat dishes, as well as vegetables. Heather is a good spice and a good drink in autumn, all the more valuable because there are no aromatic fresh herbs at that time of year.
Heather gives abundant bee pasture. Honey, dark yellow in color, is difficult to digest and is of poorer quality. Beekeepers use it to overwinter bees. MEDICINAL PART OF THE PLANT
The above-ground part of the plant in bloom is harvested and dried in a warm and bright place in the shade.

HEALING EFFECTS: Heather preparations are primarily used for: stronger urine excretion in problems with the kidneys, bladder, infections, bladder stones, urinary tract infections, cystitis, and other complications with the urinary organs, for the treatment of mucus and catarrh of the bronchi, bronchial catarrh, bowel cleansing, blood cleansing, treatment of rheumatic ailments, skin diseases, especially eczema, rashes, skin impurities and for rinsing and dressings, for prostate ailments, especially infections and prostate enlargement, for better heart function, treatment of insomnia, especially long-term, because heather is a light opiate, for the treatment of disturbed metabolism, against intestinal parasites. Western folk medicine uses it to treat: arthritis, kidney, bladder, and urinary tract diseases, bladder stones and catarrh, eczema, gout, insomnia, nervous tension, low blood pressure, prostate disease, wounds, and skin injuries, to cleanse the blood, sweating, for making Bach flower drops.


The seeds are sown throughout the year in a pot, just sprinkled and lightly pressed, watered and covered with nylon, which is removed daily for a couple of hours.
The seeds are very small!

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Portion 100+ seeds


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