Blauwschokker Pea




Family: Papilionaceae
Genus: Pisum
Species: Sativum var.


Sweet flavour and crisp texture, enjoy raw or steamed. Fast growing climber. Harvest edible podded peas around 12-13 weeks after sowing just as the peas inside start to form. Regular picking will encourage further cropping.

Sowing: in October-November in temperate areas where temperatures do not drop below -8 ° C. In March-June everywhere. The peas grow also with temperatures of 5 ° C. Direct sow pea seeds outside in the garden. Sow seed in flat bottomed drills at a distance of 5cm (2″) apart, and 4cm (1½”) deep. Allow a distance of 60-75cm (30″) between rows. Choose from shelling, mangetout or sugar snap varieties. Make sure you support developing pea plants with netting or sticks for tall varieties. Don’t feed your pea plants, just incorporate plenty of organic matter into the soil before planting. Harvest your peas every day to encourage more pod production.

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20gr / approx 60-120+- seeds


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