Arnica montana


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Family: Asteraceae
Genus: Arnica
Species: Montana
Leafy Arnica, European Arnica, Leopard`s Bane, Mountain Tobacco, Mountain Snuff, Sneezewort

The arnica plant is known as a natural remedy for wound healing. It grows to a height of 60 cm, has small leaves and yellow or orange flowers. It can be found in meadows and hilly areas. It contains active substances: essential oil, bitter substances, resin, tannin, camphor, inulin, carotenoids, flavonoids, sucrose… Arnica has antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory effects. It fights against harmful microorganisms and prevents the multiplication of bacteria and fungi. It stimulates the formation of granular tissue which accelerates the healing process of wounds. It is mainly used to treat various skin infections, wounds, burns, insect bites, dislocations of joints, bruises. Today, face creams based on arnica are known as a means of combating acne. For the same purpose, this plant produces tincture, oil, and powder. In addition, it is found in various tea mixtures intended for the treatment of sore throat, purulent angina, bronchitis, influenza, typhus, kidney infection, headache, increased heart rate, insomnia. , restless sleep accompanied by nightmares, neurosis, hysteria… It should be known that arnica has a strong effect, so caution is necessary for the internal use of this plant. In higher concentrations, it can cause poisoning which is usually manifested through nausea. Folk medicine uses all parts of arnica, but they are still the most healing flowers and are collected logically, at the time of flowering.

Sowing: Indoors from December to March at a temperature over 18 ° C, sow the seeds in pots to a maximum depth of 0.3 cm – sprinkle with a light substrate. Cover with nylon or a transparent lid, remove the same when the seeds germinate. Water moderately enough to have moisture for germination. Transplant the plants outdoors when the danger of frost passes. Germinate in 2-4 weeks.

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