Amaranthus retroflexus




OP Heirloom

Family: Amaranthaceae
Genus: Amaranthus
35 to 80 days
This variety of Amaranth is most commonly grown as a leaf vegetable, for baby leaf, salad greens, sprouts or microgreens, the seed is gluten-free. Young leaves are tender and used as a salad green, mature leaves are cooked like spinach. Fast-growing, heat tolerant, up to 80cm. Plants do well in hot weather.

Depth: Barely cover 1/16″
Sprout Time: 3-21 days
Starting Indoors: Six weeks before the last frost, start in pots with vermiculite. Keep at 65-75°F with evenly moist conditions by placing a humidity dome over the containers until germination occurs.
Starting Outdoors: Direct sow after last frost.

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