Afternoon Delight Tomato




Solanum lycopersicum


Big yellow and red bi-color beefsteaks with purple anthocyanin splashes grow up to 200-300 g. Stores well and long hold on the plant. Excellent choice for home gardens. Open Polinated.

Sowing instructions :

Sow Indoors: 4-8 weeks before last frost

Sow outdoors: Spring, + 20°C

Seed Depth: Sowing: 0,5-1cm into the soil

Germination Time: 7-14 Days


Plant profile:

Season: Annual

Bloom Season: Summer / Autumn

Environment: Sun / Partial Shade

Soil Type: Rich / Average/ Moist well-drained

USDA Zones: 3-12


As soon as seedlings emerge, provide plenty of light on a sunny windowsill or grow seedlings 3-4 inches beneath fluorescent plant lights turned on 16 hours per day, off for 8 hours at night-do not leave lights on for 24 hours. Seedlings do not need much fertilizer, feed when they are 3-4 weeks old using a starter solution.If you are growing in small cells, you may need to transplant the seedlings to 3 or 4 inch pots when seedlings have at least 3 pairs of leaves before transplanting to the garden so they have enough room to develop strong roots. Before planting in the garden, seedling plants need to be “hardened off”. Accustom young plants to outdoor conditions by moving them to a sheltered place outside for a week. Be sure to protect them from wind and hot sun at first. Select a location in full sun with good rich moist organic soil.Prepare the bed by turning the soil under to a depth of 20cm. Tomatoes should be set 75-120cm apart in a row with the rows spaced 3-4 feet apart. Dig a hole for each plant large enough to amply accommodate the root ball. Fill the planting hole with soil to the top and press soil down firmly with your hand leaving a slight depression around the plant to hold water. Place your plant support. Keep plants well-watered during the growing season, especially during dry spells. f growing on stakes: As the plants grow, allow only one or two main stems to grow and pinch out any other side shoots as they form. Gently tie the one or two remaining shoots to the stake; don’t pull them tightly against the stake. If growing in cages, no pruning is necessary. Monitor for pests and diseases.


DETERMINATE: (bush) varieties do not need pruning and may be grown with or without support; fruit ripens within a concentrated time period.

INDETERMINATE: (climbing) varieties should be staked, trellised, or caged, and pruned for best results; fruit ripens over an extended period.

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