Bean Bush Adzuki




Family: Papilionaceae
Genus: Vigna
Species: Angularis
Adzuki Bean

Azuki beans are sweet and have a spicy (sharp) taste. It affects the heart, kidneys, small intestine, and pancreas. It tones the blood and reduces the body’s humidity, detoxifies, increases blood circulation and warms, eliminates blood stagnation, reduces sweating, it is a diuretic and dries. It is used for moisture and water conditions, leukorrhea, anxiety, diarrhea, edema and affects weight loss.


The minimum germination temperature is 8-10 ° C. Low temperatures from -0.5 ° C to 10 ° C destroy the crop. High temperatures together with low relative humidity affect the fall of flowers (abortion), while the pods remain sparse. It is sown like any other type of green beans or beans by direct sowing from April to July. Seeds are sown at a depth of 3-5 cm and at a distance of 5 cm and/or in houses of 4-5 grains, the distance between houses should be about 20 cm. From germination to harvest it takes 40 days to harvest the pods or about 60 days for the ripe grain.

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100 seeds


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