Tibouchina lepidota


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Andean princess flower, Lasiandra urvilleana, and glory bush.

A beautiful small to a medium-sized tree or large shrub rarely to 20 m tall with reddish, flaking bark, dark green leaves, and masses of flowers that are 5 cm in diameter and fade from magenta to lavender with age. Tibouchina lepidota is fairly widespread in montane and cloud forests of the Andes mountains between Venezuela and Peru from 800 to 3200 m. In cultivation, it is popular in South America and will adapt easily to warm temperate and cool temperate climates that do not experience extremes of heat or frost. It is rare elsewhere. Hardiness zone 9-11.

These seeds have been cold-stored and should be sown on receipt. Sow very thinly onto the surface of a pot containing a mixture of peat, sterilized fine soil or loam, and grit, and very gently water the seeds in. Do not cover them with compost. The seed tray is then best left in a warm well-lit spot and kept moist. Germination usually takes only 4-8 weeks at most, but may take much longer. Plant out in well-drained moist soil.

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