Cytisus scoparius Scotch Broom


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syn. Sarothamnus scoparius

Cytisus can be deciduous or evergreen shrubs, ranging from prostrate to erect and almost tree-like, with small, simple, or 3-parted leaves and pea-like flowers in spring or summer Hardiness: Zone 5

Seeds are viable for many years and do not have a difficult or complex dormancy period and are therefore relatively easy to grow. Although Broom seeds have only a very shallow dormancy they have a very hard, water-impermeable seed coat and require pretreatment for successful germination to occur. Without pretreatment, it is likely that 10% or less of the seeds will germinate. A combination of a variety of seed pretreatments is usually necessary to make the seed coat permeable so that the seed embryo can take up water and begin to germinate. The seeds are very long-lived and can remain viable in the field for 30 years.

Sow in pots or seed trays of good quality compost at a depth of about 2cm (just less than 1 inch) The seed usually germinates in under 4 weeks at 15-20°c. It is important that temperatures or not greatly higher than this or germination will be reduced.


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