Cornus Controversa


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A gorgeous tree with horizontal branches creating a tiered effect, accentuated by the masses of small near-white flowers on every branch, fruit a blue-black berry, shiny leaves turn red in fall, resistant to anthracnose, native to China and Japan. Cornus Controversa is a deciduous Tree growing to 15 m (49ft) by 15 m (49ft). It is hardy to zone 5. It is in flower from Jun to July, and the seeds ripen from Sep to October. The flowers are hermaphrodite and are pollinated by Insects. Suitable for: light (sandy), medium (loamy), and heavy (clay) soils and can grow in heavy clay soil. Suitable pH: acid, neutral, and basic (alkaline) soils and can grow in very alkaline soils. It can grow in semi-shade (light woodland) or no shade. It prefers moist soil.

Sowing Instructions: Sow at any time of the year. Soak seeds for 24 hours in water which starts off hand hot. Sow very thinly in trays or pots of moist, peat-based seed compost, lightly cover with compost, and seal inside a polythene bag. Maintain an optimum temperature of 20C for 16 weeks, then place the container(s) in the fridge for a further 8 weeks. Then, return to 20C and germination should take place. Throughout this process check regularly and ensure the compost does not dry out. Note: Germination can be very erratic, so sow thinly and prick out the seedlings as they become large enough to handle disturbing the rest of the compost as little as possible.
Alternatively, sow as above, seal in a polythene bag and place in a cold frame or sheltered part of the garden and let nature take its course as the season’s change.

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