Cassia grandis


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Family: Caesalpiniaceae
Genus: Cassia
Species: grandis
Pink Shower Tree, Coral Shower Tree


Tropical deciduous, woody species. In natural conditions it reaches 6-9 m in a pot much lower, the height can be regulated by pruning. It starts flowering after 1 year. It blooms from April to June.


Propagation: By seeds, cuttings

Pre-treatment: Pour the seeds or slightly cut the membrane in the middle and soak them in water for 24 hours. Plant when the seed swells and sinks.

Sowing: All-year-round in the purchased soil or in the substrate at a depth of about 2 cm.

Germination: Temperature 25 C, germinates in 1-2 weeks if the seed is swollen, otherwise, germination is extended up to 1 year

Location: Requires light and moderate humidity.

Hardiness zone: 9b / -3.8 ° C (25 ° F)

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