Albizia julibrissin


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A deciduous smaller tree that grows 4-5 m. It blooms in late spring and throughout the summer. The paper leaf resembles a mimosa, so it is often mixed with it. Easy to grow and resistant species.


Propagation: By seed, cuttings, root division

Stratification: 90 days in a moist substrate (sand, perlite) at a temperature of 2-5 C in the refrigerator

Pre-treatment: Soak the seeds in warm water for 24 hours.

Sowing: All year round in purchased soil or a mixture of substrate and perlite / sand, at a depth of about 1 cm.

Germination: Temperature 15 – 18°C, 1-3 months

Location: Requires light and moderate humidity.

Care: Aclimatize in a pot, after the 1st year transplant outside. Not picky about soil.

Hardiness zone: 5a / -28.8°C

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