Acacia Dealbata


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Family: Mimosaceae
Genus: Acacia
Species: Dealbata
Mimosa, Silver Wattle

A fast-growing shrub or smaller evergreen tree in natural reaches 25 m, while in colder zones it is stored as a potted plant. It blooms in late winter to mid-spring.


Propagation: By seeds, shoots

Before treatment: Pour hot water for a few days until the membrane swells, when the seeds swell, the seeds are sown and germinate quickly.

Sowing: Nick the seed coat and soak for 24 hours in warm water, plant in the substrate to a depth of about 1 cm

Germination: 1-3 months if it is well stratified (for the seed to swell), otherwise up to 1 year.

Location: Sunny position

Care: Grows in pots without special care, minimal watering

Hardiness zone: 10a / -1.1 (older plants tolerate -12 C)

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