Ravenala madagascariensis




Traveller’s Tree, Traveller’s Palm, Madagascar traveler’s tree, Arbre du voyageur, Baum der Reisenden, Ougibashô, Tapibitonoki, オウギバショウ, タピビトノキ, árbol del viajero, Palma de abanico

The Traveler’s Palm is one of nature’s most distinctive and remarkable plants with enormous paddle-shaped leaves are borne on long petioles, in a distinctive fan shape aligned in a single plane. The large white flowers are structurally similar to those of its relatives, the bird-of-paradise flowers Strelitzia reginae and Strelitzia Nicolai, but are generally considered less attractive with a green bract. Originates from Madagascar. Prefers a rich moist well-drained soil in a protected sunny warm position, drought, and frost tender.

The seeds are somewhat erratic to germinate but the resulting plant is VERY fast-growing. The waxy, blue seed cover may contain germination inhibitors and should be removed for better results. High daytime temperatures may help to trigger faster and more uniform germination, and a hot water treatment before sowing and soaking may also improve results.

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