Cyrtostachys Renda




Family: Arecaceae
Genus: Cyrtostachys
Species: Renda
Synonym: Cyrtostachys lakka
Cyrtostachys Lakka, Sealing Wax Palm, Lipstick Palm, Red Sealing Wax Palm


One of the most beautiful palm species in the world. Originally the species grows in the tropical flood forests of Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, making it resistant to flooding. In these areas, the palm can reach a height of 16 meters, but in cultivation the species remains a lot smaller, about 3 meters high or smaller if grown in a pot. The trunk is made up of many smaller stems each growing close to the other. They turn to a bright red early in age. Its color is so unique for a palm tree that it gave the plant its name. The palms are feather-like and green-yellowish to green. Hardiness zone 11 (4ºC/40ºF) in winter. The Lipstick Palm is very sensitive to temperatures under 10ºC/50ºF. The average conservation temperature should be about 28-36ºC. It requires a lot of light and humidity. It needs to be watered regularly. Place it under a partial sun or a good source of light.

Sowing: Seeds have a short shelf life ( we send only fresh seeds in vermiculite, prepared for direct sowing ). Sow seeds in sowing and cutting soil. Keep the soil constantly moist and let it germinate at 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. Germination often follows after a few weeks, but can also take over 1 year.

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