Staphylea / Bladdernut


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Deciduous shrub or smaller tree. It reaches 2-5 m. It withstands -28 C. After flowering, it forms caura, each caura has several small fruits – which are used in food and have a pistachio taste.

Propagation: Seed, cutting, division

Pre-treatment: soak the seeds for 24 hours in warm water, then apply stratification.

Stratification: 60-90 days in a moist substrate (sand, perlite) at a temperature of 2-5 C in the refrigerator

Sowing: Throughout the year in purchased soil or a mix of substrate and perlite/sand, at a depth of about 1 cm.

Germination: Temperature 15-18 C, 1-6 months

Location: Requires light and moderate humidity.

Care: Every year it is kept in a pot, after the first year it is transplanted outside to a permanent place. He is not picky about the soil.

Hardiness zone: 5a / -28.8 C

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