Carissa macrocarpa




Family: Apocynaceae
Genus: Carissa
Species: Macrocarpa
Natal Plum, Carissa grandiflora


The evergreen shrub reaches 50-150cm in height. The leaf is leathery up to 7 cm long, dark green in color while in the sun it becomes intensely red. It blooms all year round, the flowers are very fragrant in the shape of a star, white up to 5 cm in diameter. After flowering, it forms plum-shaped fruits that are edible and very tasty. Ideal species for bonsai formation.


Propagation: By seeds, cuttings

Pre-treatment: No.

Sowing: All-year-round in the purchased soil or a mixture of substrate and perlite or sand at a depth of about 0.5 cm.

Germination: Temperature 20 C, germinates in 4-12 weeks.

Location: Requires light and moderate humidity.

Care: Stored in a pot, transplanted when the root begins to emerge at the openings of the pot.

Hardiness zone: 9b / -3.8C

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