Carica Pubescens / Mountain Papaya


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Family: Caricaceae
Genus: Empress
Species: Pubescens
Mountain Papaya


Unlike other species, this is the only species that could thrive in colder zones, the maximum height it reaches in nature is 3m – in the pot does not exceed 2m. It requires a lot of moisture. Starts giving fruits at the age of 1. Blooms all year round. The flowers are large yellow and white and have a very pleasant scent. The leaves are serrated so the plant itself looks very decorative. The fruits can also be used unripe – then they are prepared as vegetables. It should be stored indoors during the winter.


Reproduction: By seed

Pre-treatment: Pour warm water over the seeds and leave it for 24 hours

Sowing: All year round in substrate or perlite at a depth of 1-2 cm

Germination: Temperature 25-30 C, germinates in 2-8 weeks.

Location: Requires direct light and moderate humidity.

Hardiness zone: 9a / -6.6 C (20 F)

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