Broussonetia papyrifera / Paper Mulberry


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Fast-growing  ( fruit ) tree in the mulberry family. Native to Japan and Taiwan, paper mulberry was introduced for its use as a fast-growing shade tree. In its native lands, paper mulberry is used in papermaking. In Hawaii and other parts of the  Pacific, its bark is used to make cloth. Fruit have similar taste like mulberry. Paper mulberry is an invader of open habitats such as forest and field edges. Native species are displaced by paper mulberry because of its vigorous growth. USDA Zone 6 / -20°C.

Sowing: No pre-treatment seed is required. Sown in the autumn or spring in a greenhouse, germination usually takes place within 1 – 3 months at 15°c. When large enough to handle, prick the seedlings out into individual pots and grow them on in the greenhouse for at least their first winter, planting them out into their permanent positions in late spring or early summer, after the last expected frosts.

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