Arctostaphylos uva-ursi


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Family: Ericaceae
Genus: Arctostaphylos
Species: uva-ursi
Synonym: Arctostaphylos Officinalis , Bearberry , Kinnikinnick

A low growing plant, around 10 cm high and a spread of up to 50 cm. Intricately branched often mat-forming shrub, native to North America and North Eurasia.
It has small leathery dark green leaves around 2 to 4 cm long, with small white-pink flowers in short racemes, followed by bright red fruit in Autumn. The pea-sized fruits are edible, while the leaves are used medicinally, in teas, for tanning and dyeing. Good ground cover and bee plant. Historically has been used as a medicinal plant.


Reproduction: By seed, division, cuttings

Stratification: 30-90 days in the moist substrate (sand, perlite) at a temperature of 2-5 C in the refrigerator

Sowing: All-year-round in the purchased soil or substrate, at a depth of about 0.5 cm or just pressed into the substrate.

Germination: Temperature above 18 °C

Location: Requires moderate humidity and shade.

Care: Keep in a pot, after the 1st year it is transplanted outside to a permanent place.

Hardiness zone: -39.9 ° C / Zone 3a

The plant prefers acidic soils, and full sun to part shade.

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