Arctostaphylos uva-ursi


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Family: Ericaceae
Genus: Arctostaphylos
Species: uva-ursi
Synonym: Arctostaphylos Officinalis
Uva is a bushy evergreen small plant, with hard leathery oval leaves up to 3 cm long. The white or light pink flowers are gathered in clusters. The fruit is a round berry with seeds, red in color. It has a mild smell and taste. Grow on dry, sandy soil and coniferous forests, among bushes on sunny slopes, on-mountain pastures of the Balkan Peninsula, especially in the western parts. It is widespread in Europe, Asia, and North America. It is protected in eastern countries; has the status of an endangered species in the wild. It is also successfully grown in gardens or pots.
Medicinal: Leaf tea cures an enlarged prostate, urinary tract, diarrhea, and diabetes. The leaves mixed with other medicinal herbs serve as a disinfectant for the urinary tract, especially in chronic inflammation of the bladder and other diseases.
Reproduction: By seed, division, cuttings
Pre-treatment: NO
Stratification: 30-90 days in a moist substrate (sand, perlite) at a temperature of 2-5 °C in the refrigerator
Sowing: All year round in the purchased soil or substrate, at a depth of about 0.5 cm or just pressed into the substrate.
Germination: Temperature above 18°C
Location: Requires moderate humidity and shade.
Care: After the 1st year transplant outside
Resistance zone: -39.9 ° C / Zone 3a

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